It’s been 4 years know since we started to prove you that wall murals are one of the best and the most effective ways to beautify any interior. And we still believe it! Wall murals, when well chosen and placed on the wall, effectively focus the attention and inmediately bring a good mood. On the other hand… Why to limit ourselves to cover only a single wall? So-called „total look” is one of the hottest trends in fashion for the past few seasons, so why not to try to introduce it also to our houses?

What is the „total look”?

„Total look” means the interior dominated by on style or color. We limited ourselves only to the walls (and sometimes to the ceiling) and created 12 arrangements that stand out because of the use od wall murals on every available surface. With this simple treatment, each of the interior seems to move us to another dimension and gains an extraordinary depth and character.

When decorating all walls with wall murals, it’s extremely important to choose the right model. First of all, you should try to not overwhelm the interior anf fit the wall mural to its style and character. Above all, we recommed panoramic landscapes and wall murals of repeated motifs that will add energy and positivity to any room.

See for yourselves how great interiors we have created!

Asian landscape wall mural

Ombre blue wall mural

New York wall mural

Mountains wall mural

Lake wall mural

Forest wall mural

Cosmos wall mural

Blue forest wall mural

British flag wall mural

Bloody wall mural

Cupcakes wall mural

Sea inspired wall mural

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