A bedroom is the room where we spend the most time, so we should take care to make it a place where we feel good and relaxed. A comfortable mattress will ensure a peaceful sleep, while interesting wall mural will please your eyes before and after sleeping.

Choosing the right design of wall mural is not an easy task. On one hand you have to match colors to to the rest of the interior. On the other, you should choose a wall mural that will relax you and create the dreamy mood. Floral motifs and landscapes are themes that will surely prove to be a real decorative bull’s eye.

At PIXERS we love to inspire you with amazing designs, so we would like to introduce you one of the most interesting trends in decorating bedrooms – wall murals of the night sky. These are a great example that sometimes the simplest and most obvious choices are the most spectacular. That’s true – it’s difficult to find a motive that we would associate with sleeping more than a starry sky. This theme relaxes us, help us to calm down and thereby makes it easier to fall asleep. Moreover, it looks great illuminated with candles or night-lights. Just see for yourself how enchanting night sky wall murals are!

Night sky - wall mural

Night landscape - wall mural

Dreams - wall mural

Sweet dreams - wall mural

Cosmic landscape - wall mural

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