We haven’t had time to cool down after the last collection inspired by women and right now we want to show you another project that tries to capture the beauty of the fair sex. This time we reached for images from the twilight zone between reality and dream that seduce with sensuality and capture with unusual subtlety.

It’s not a secret that women are changeable. Depending on the situation they can be confident business women, sweet temptresses or inspiring muses. That’s why we admire and love them. The latest mini collection of wall murals, „Delusions„, wants to expose their dual nature by presenting women faces in masks.

These subtle and dreamlike designs will add spring atmosphere to any interior and will look great especially on the bright painted walls. Among our proposals you’ll find both designs with strong color accents that will be an excellent complement to the interior and wall murals in soft colors which will be a great background for even the most colorful room decoration. The choice is up to you.

Phantasmagoria - wall mural

Illusion - wall mural

Green eyes - wall mural

Green eye - wall mural

Dream - wall mural

Daydream - wall mural

Blue eyes - wall mural

Beautiful woman - wall mural