Women have always been a great source of inspiration both for artist and ordinary people. And guess what? Women also inspire PIXERS! That’t why we decided to honor them in a truly unusual way, by designing a very special collection of wall murals, „Inspiration is a Woman

This collection of wall murals is very feminine, inspired by women and made for women. It presents eight women who influenced many areas of culture like art, fashion, music or movie. We’ve chosen Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Björk, Lauryn Hill, Brigitte Bardot, Frida Kahlo, Madonna and Amy Winehouse. They are all very popular but we’ve interpreted them in our own way.

Worth saying that dominant colors of these wall murals are neutral and fit to any interior so there’s no need to be afraid of overwhelm. Presented women symbolize power, strength, charisma and beauty. They are ICONS. And now, we can have these icons at fingertips. You can invite them to our home and make it look unique. No matter who you are, you can choose your woman and feel inspired every day. Inspiration is a woman and the truth is women run the world!

Madonna - fototapeta

Lauryn Hill - fototapeta

Frida Kahlo - fototapeta

Coco Chanel - fototapeta

Brigitte Bardot - fototapeta

Bjork - fototapeta

Audrey Hepburn - fototapeta

Amy Winehouse - fototapeta

Which wall mural you like the most?