As probably you have already noticed, we love to break the rules and prove that a little bit of design madness can bring truly amazing results. It is said that less is better that more, yet as it turns out, sometimes it’s worth to take a chance and combine a variety of different colors to create a true work of art. That’s how was created our Dear Deer, one of the most popular stickers available at PIXERS.

The deer looks like it just came out of the woods and wanted to show every leaf and flower that he found there. It would seem that such a crazy combination of shapes, colors and styles will only fit into austere interiors, but our deer looks great in any space! Just have a look at how well they matched our customers’ houses!

What about you? Did you also fall in love with our deer sticker? Or maybe you prefer a little bit more moderate decorations? Share your thoughts!




deer wall decal