Where do you look for interior design inspiration? We always start form browsing the Internet. Every day we look through dozens of wonderful blogs and design websitesand check out what’s new on Pinterest and Behance. Interior design is our passion, so we seek out for new ideas also outside working hours, for example, while watching our favorite movies and TV series.

A few months ago we showed you how to bring the spirit of „Mad Men” to your houses using only wall murals and stickers. Today we return to the subject of wall decorations in TV and we want to share with you our design ideas inspired by interiors spotted on television over the past few weeks. As always we use only wall murals, wall stickers and posters available at PIXERS.

„How I Met Your Mother”

Although the apartment of Jeanette, one of the numerous Ted’s girlfriends, appeared only in one episode of „How I Met Your Mother”, the elephant poster caught our attention right away. However, our suggestion is a somewhat more modern variation on this theme. It refers to subtle and oriental decorations that still are a very strong trend in interior design. This poster will look great in a modern settings, in which will be a very intriguing addition.

Poster from How I Met Your Mother

Indian Elephant Poster


It is well known that pandas are oone o our favorite animals, so when we saw this poster in Mike’s apartment we knew we had to find for it a worthy replacement. We decided to reflect the scene quite accurately but give it a little bit more contemporary perspective. The lucious green bamboos are a tribute to the most fashionable color of season – esmerald green.
Poster from Suits

Panda Poster

„2 Broke Girls”

Just imagine how we reacted to the episode of „2 Broke Girls” in which appeared this nice interior :) Thanks to „Bloody Moon”, the collection of dozens of bloody wall murals and stickers, popular blogs and services noticed our products and covered us many times, so we have a special sentiment for it. If you’re a fan of terrifying decorations, just have a look at what we have choosen for you.

2 Broke Girls - wall mural

Bloody Wall Mural


„Girls” is a TV show that wowed us. Its witty, unpretentious and yet it’s full of funny dialogues and interesting decorations. Our attention was drown by two items in particular.

The first one is the metal decoration from Hanna’s bedroom. Our creative equivalent is a sticker with a floral motif, thanks to which every bedroom will look incredible femenine. But wait… Why limit ourselves only to the bedroom? It’s is worth to remember that graceful decorative motives are one of the interior must-haves of this year.

Wall Sticker from Girls

Flower Ornament Wall Sticker

What do you think about our propositions? We would love to hear your thoughts!