Maps are present on our walls for centuries. In the past had mainly educational value, but nowadays are increasingly used in offices and homes not so much to teach and actually show the location, but to decorate.

A map seems to be a perfect wall decoration mostly for travelers and those who can’t imagine spending a vacation at home, but not only for them! On the one hand, it can represent a favorite city or country, on the other, especially if you decide to use a map of the whole world, it can just remind you of the overall of your journeys.

You’ll get a very interesting effect, if you frame the real maps and hang them side by side. Old maps will be a great addition to spaces decorated in vintage style, while the newer ones, will fit perfectly into modern interiors. The maps will give your home a sophisticated and elegant look!

Mapa Włoch

What if you don’t want to destroy your atlas or if standard maps sizes are just not sufficient to meet your interior design fantasies? Nothing easier! At PIXERS you’ll find almost 300.000 of maps that will serve you perfectly as wall murals, decals, posters or even stained glass stickers!

Have a look at our three arrangements in which maps definitely play a major role. How do you like them?

It’s really hard to look away from this map, especially when it takes up the entire wall of a stylish living room or office. To highlight its aesthetic qualities, we combined it with furniture with simple shapes and classic colors.

Old Map Wall Mural Buy at PIXERS

Our next suggestion is a colorful wallpaper of continents, arranged in a way that will make any geographer dizzy. It should especially appeal to Australians :)

World Map Wall Stickers Buy at PIXERS

The last wall mural that symbolically represents world, we would love to see in a spacious industrial loft or an office of some international company. A strong color and interesting form is a combination that attracts the eye the moment a visitor or customer walks into the room.

World Map Wall Mural Buy at PIXERS

We can’t resist to show you two more wall murals from our offer that also made ​​a special impression on us.

The first one is a geographical tribute to one of the most important trends in interior design of 2013 - the ubiquitous typography! Red letters in a black background is a brave color combination that will certainly find its fans.

Typography Map Wall Mural Buy at PIXERS

Looking for a map maintained in the colors of the earth? Here you go! With a little imagination, you can turn this wall mural into fantastic place for the presentation of photographs from journeys, especially those around the world!

World Map Vintage Wall Mural Buy at PIXERS

If you liked our ideas, don’t forget to visit our store and look for the perfect map for YOU!