Colorful cupcakes have conquered confectioneries around the whole world. This sweet object of desire has gained popularity both because of its delicious taste and fancy look. Intricate ornaments and creams in all colors of the rainbow, seems to be a combination which is hard to resist.

Lovely cupcakes are also an interesting decoration that will add charm and sweetness to any room. Cupcake themed stickers and wall murals are the obvious choice for kitchen and dining room walls. Photos with these colorful delicacies enhance the appetite, bring good mood and encourage cooking.

cupcakes wall mural

On the other hand, carefully selected stickers can raise the temperature in the bedroom. Wall decal of delicious cupcake decorated with whipped cream and raspberry can be an unusual aphrodisiac and add a bit of spiciness even to an austere room.

cupcakes wall decal

Cheerful colors of cupcake wall murals will also appeal to teenagers who are looking for remarkable and outstanding wall decoration. The multitude of available designs allows to fit them into any interior and satisfies even the most demanding customers. In the PIXERS’ catalog, you’ll find almost 25000 of cupcake themed stickers and wall murals. Here, we present only a few of them, just enough to sharpen your appetite. Get ready for a big dose of sweetness!

cupcake sticker

cupcake sticker

cupcake decal

cupcake wall mural