Here at PIXERS, we love to combine oppositions and show that the combination of seemingly mismatched things can give excellent results. It also concerns one of the most traditional elements of Christmas – a Christmas tree, which we’re going to change completly this year.

The Christmas tree has always been associated with a green pine or fir, but we decided to show its a little bit different, wall version. We selected 36 of the most charming and ingenious Christmas trees to inspire you.

Wall Christmas trees are a great way to save space on the floor and leave a lot of room for presents. Moreover you can create a unique and eyecatching Christmas tree only with the help of readily available tools and items like duck tape, ribbons, branches or photographs. You can also personalize it and addapt to the character and color scheme of any interior.

Our suggestions should especially appeal to those who look for unusual and inimitable ideas for the perfect Christmas tree and to ecology enthusiasts. To make some of the following trees, you’ll need merly branches found while visiting forest or pieces of colored crepe paper.

We wouldn’t be ourselves, if we hadn’t PIXERSized some Christmas trees too. You should follow our steps – it’s fun and easy to do and we guarantee amazing results! We found our customers particularly like stickers that can be easily arranged in the shape of Christmas tree and reusable PIXERStick wall murals that can be easily peeled off and used again next year.

Take a look at the first part of our collection of alternative Christmas trees. The next one will be published tomorrow.

christmas tree sticker Source: PIXERS

wall christmas tree Source: Sweet Paul

wall christmas tree Source: Curbly

wall christmas tree Source: Modern House Decorating

wall christmas tree Source: Oh My Goodies

wall christmas tree Source: Marius & Co

wall christmas tree Source: More Inspiration Please

wall christmas tree Source: SOS Solteiro

wall christmas tree Source: All You Need Is White

wall christmas tree Source: FurnishBurnish

wall christmas tree Source: LaLoLe

wall christmas tree Source: Vida de Pimienta

wall christmas tree Source: Home Designing

wall christmas tree  Source: My Poppet

wall christmas tree Source: Pattern Prints Journal

wall christmas tree  Source: Something on the Road

wall christmas tree  Source: Oh My Goodies

What do you think about wall Christmas trees? Would love to hear your opinion!