Since many decades, the telephone is an integral part of not only our lives but also our pop culture. Although it is increasingly being replaced by cell phones, the old fashion receivers still inspire fondness in many people, also in us.

Therefore, it couldn’t be otherwise - you’ll find telephones on more than 270.000 of stickers and wall murals available at PIXERS. It’s a theme that works well in office spaces, both corporate and home ones, because decorates the wall in an original way, without distracting our attention from work.

In order to show you the potential of the phone decorations, we prepared 3 different interior arrangements with telephone themed wall murals and wall stickers, that show a home office, dining room and living room. As you can see, the phone is a very versatile theme that fits easily into any decor and, depending on the model and needs, can emphasize both modern and traditional interiors.

Telephone themed sticker placed in the home office

A simple and quick way to say: „Do no disturb! I’m working here.”

wall sticker telephone

Telephone themed wall mural placed in the dining room

Black and red receivers strategically placed on two perpendicular walls, form a closed unit and tastefully highlight the modern style of the interior.

wall mural telephones

Telephone themed wall mural placed in the living room room

All the attention is focused on those juicy red receivers. This unique wall mural looks seems to be perfectly suited to the spacious interiors, that won’t be overwhelmed by its expressiveness.

wall mural red telephones

If you’re a fan of vintage style, you should look for stickers with models of telephones used over the last century. They look extremely stylish!

wall decal retro telephone

wall sticker retro telephone

wall sticker retro telephones