We have written many times that wall murals are a great and quick way to change the decor of any room. Today, we would like to introduce you PIXERStick – the best material for this task and show you how you can creatively use its unique properties.

What makes PIXERStick so unusual?

  • Mobility – PIXERStick can be reinstalled multiple times without damaging the wall and the material itself.
  • Unusual adhesion – The material sticks to many surfaces including walls, glass and wood. It keeps its adhesion even after the hundredth reposition.
  • Easy Installation – PIXERStick is self adhesive so you don’t need any additional adhesives or tools. At any time, you can peel off the wall mural and move it to another location.
  • Delicate texture that gently enhances the color – Your wall mural willlook great both in full sun and in the dim light.
  • Easy care - To keep your wall mural in good condition, just wipe it occasionally with a dry cloth.
  • Resistance to tearing and wrinkling - PIXERStick even after years will look like new.

PIXERStick is a material that we can recommend to anyone, but especially to people who:

  • like to change the decor of their house frequently,
  • follow the trends in interior design,
  • can’t decide on a single model,
  • live in rented apartments and don’t want to invest in decoration which, in the case of removal, won’t be able to take with them,
  • look for interesting seasonal decorations, for example, for Christmas.
To show you how to cleverly use PIXERStick, we have prepared 4 arrangements of the same bedroom where the only thing that changed was wall mural. Each arrangement was inspired by a different season. Take notice, how the mood of the room changes with each wall mural. We decided to put PIXERStick over the entire wall, but it will make a great impression as well on smaller surfaces. Try it yourself and shop at PIXERS!


PIXERStick Wall mural - Summer
PIXERStick wall mural - Autumn
PIXERStick wall mural - Winter