Maybe you still haven’t heard „Last Christmas” this year, but we assure that Christmas is approaching with great strides! Thanks to the family atmosphere, gingerbreads and overwhelming joy, it is our absolute favorite time of the year.

But Christmas is also a time of frantic search for gifts, that don’t always end in success. Who among us has never found under the Christmas tree socks or books that haven’t been open again after Christmas Eve? The crowds in the stores, omnipresent noise and time pressure, don’t make the choice of a perfect gift any easier.

What about having other shopping experience this year and shop while sitting comfortably on the sofa with a cup of hot tea in your hand? Whould you like to shop without standing in lines, with the assistence of a professional counselor, ready to help you make the best choice,within the mouse click? 180 days for refund sound great too? PIXERS offers you all of that and more!

During the next three weeks, we’ll be sharing with you interesting ideas for Christmas presents and helping with finding the perfect one. We’re sure that with our help, you’ll make your loved ones happy!

Let’s start with gifts for kids. Our first proposal are colorful height measures that will cheer up any room and bring a smile on the face of every child. All of presented sticker measures are made of durable and safe material that doesn’t damage the walls and is very easy to instal. Some of these measure up to 170 cm in length so will serve your child for many years and even allow to measure all family members.

Children will love our measures, because they show them in a simple and attractive way how fast they grow. You will love it, because they allow you to observe your child’s development and when they grow out of the measure, keep it as a wonderful reminder of their childhood.

We’ve prepared 16 different height measures, among which you will find height measures with animals, robots and even trees! We show here only some of them. You’ll find the rest at PIXERS store. Which one you like the most?

pixers - height measures

height measure for kids height measure for kids