Thanks for staying tuned! As promised, we’ve got more design ideas… music to your ears.

6. Musical doorbell

Fine feathers make fine birds, so be sure to make a good impression even before crossing the threshold of your house. This stunning doorbell will help you with it!

piano doorbell
Source: LABEXP

7. Sheet-covered furniture

Découpage is a centuries’-old technique that gives new life to outdated objects. An armoire becomes an aria when decorated with vintage sheet music.

music sheet furniture
Source: Miss Mustard Seed

8. Good looking (and sounding!) pillow

We also couldn’t resist the pillow which combines usefulness with pleasure in such a charming way.

music pillow
Source: Etsy

9. Lamp made from cassette tapes

For sure, you still have in your attic the old cassette tapes which probably you’ll never listen to again, but for some reason, you don’t want to throw them away either. This lamp is a great way for using them up!

cassette lamp
Source: Etsy

10. Jazzed up wall

Wall mural décor sets the tone for your whole room. PIXERS will help you hit the right notes. Check out these ideas and our Top 10 of the most interesting music-inspired wall murals!

jazz wall mural

musical wall mural

musical wall mural

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10 music-inspired decoration ideas, part 1