Today’s article is dedicated especially to all the music lovers, who would like to decorate their houses with music inspired decorations, others than posters of their favorite bands and singers.

We’ve found on the Internet houndreads of wonderful items that would look great in almost every bedroom or living room. We’ll show you below our favorite ones which impressed us by their delightful appearance and original idea. Take a look at the first five decorations and jazz up your home décor with music as your muse!

1. Musical clocks

In the words of the incomparable Frank Zappa…”Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why our list begins with these two ingenious musical clocks.

musical clock Źródło: InteriorDesign

musical clock Źródło: Anantalo

2. Table which hides your keys within the keys

This piano-shaped table hides even more interesting content – a stylish and functional storage space!

piano-shaped table Źródło: plastolux

3. Rock n’ bowl

We love to recycle unnecesssary items, so we couldn’t pass by this unusual bowl created from old music vinyl. Not quite ready to part with your Dolly Parton album? Purchase these on Etsy.

hand moulded vinyl bowl Źródło: Etsy

4. Staff-shaped candlestick

You can add to this musical candlestick both candles and faux flowers. The staff will look wonderful when illuminated by small lights.

staff candlestick Źródło: tnspace

5. Harmonious wall sticker

PIXERS has scores of music-inspired wall art that fine-tune both traditional and modern interiors. Here are two examples: the first is classical, the second more new wave.

music wall decal

music wall sticker

Don’t turn that dial. We’ll be back soon with more hits for your home!