Without a doubt, kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Because of that it deserves a special treatment. That´s why we should set it up cozy in order to encourage cooking, sharing meals or drinking morning coffee.

Kitchen’s fitting is not the cheapest piece of furniture, so it should not surprise anybody that we want to utilise it as long as possible .That’s why we often pick classical forms and colours, which should serve us much longer than those, which submit to the changing trends. Pink cupboards and orange kitchen counters might become a hit during one season, and moreover provoke a headache during the next one. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to a little bit of positive
craziness! We’ve prepared a list of things you can do to transform your kitchen in a quick, easy, effective and inexpensive way. The following tricks work well in both, new kitchens and those in which you want to restore their youth – hide the damaged cabinets, change the colour of the walls which is already faded and has bored you or just simply add a few fashionable items that will emphasise a stylish decor of your kitchen.

1. Put stickers on the cupboards

If your cupboards glorious days are over, you can easily turn them around with new stickers. Modern materials and laminate should secure them from scratches or greasiness, and a huge selection of available images and designs allow you to find the proper one. So, what about colorful apples or not that obvious bamboos?

2. Whet your appetite with delicious stickers

Nothing in the kitchen looks better than fresh fruit or food, which makes your mouth water. Unfortunately, we do not always have them handy, so you should definitely take advantage of our trick and invest in those delicious stickers. We highly recommend sushi for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, and juicy cherries for others

3. Think about the place under the countertop

This piece of wall, although often ignored, can be a great media of interesting stickers. Take a look at our proposal, and you will see that we are not deceivers. What do you prefere? A simple white kitchen or our apple impression?

4. Extend visually your kitchen

If your kitchen doesn’t provide enough space, you can make it looks more spacious through suitable wall mural. Landscape or panorama of the city holds good so what about proscpects on New York? Why not!

5. Pick out colour or shape

Monochrome cupboards have their indubitable charm, but also get bored quite quickly, so don´t be afraid to add them zest by stickers of an interesting shape or in a contrasting color. This kitchen would look ordinary, but thanks to the deer’s label, it would make a deep impression.

6. Put a sticker on your frigde

Magnetic stickers can turn your fridge around in just few seconds ,that is why they are one of the least invading (but making an amazing impression!) decorative elements. It’s a great alternative for those who want to follow latest trends.

7. Use the space between the countertop and cupboards

If you fill skillfully this space, you can move to a different world each time while raising your eyes from the pan or cutting board. Just secure your wall mural with a glass coating, and you can stop worrying about water, splattering grease or warmed heater.

8. Create the effect of depth

Apart from being more spacious, that effect mainly makes your kitchen lively. Could you resist such a wall? We feel like doing healthy salad or going for a walk.

9. Don’t limit yourself to the vertical surface

Kitchen is not just the walls and cabinets. Even the ceiling can be beautifully decorated. You need only a grain of imagination to achieve impressive effect.

10. Ensure cohesion of kitchen with the rest of flat

Open kitchen is a real challenge to deal with, because we don’t only have to keep perfect order, but also ensure a consistent decor. If your kitchen is connected to the dining or living room, don’t be afraid to move the furniture’s pattern to cupboards or walls. They would look phenomenal!

Please let us know what do you think about our ideas!