2012 is a perfect year for the flag theme. EURO has barely ended but we are already preparing for the Olympics Games in London. The great thing about flags is that they do not only appear at the sports facilities or they are not only an essential part of fan accessories, but flags are more often use as a pattern on our clothes, plates, or even nails.

Why? The answer is quite simple: Thanks to flags, with a simple gesture, we express sympathy for the country. Additionally, flags compose an attractive decorative element. No wonder why during last few seasons flags have been endorsing by so many fashion designers or even recently by the interior decorators.

Of course, with no doubts the two most wanted are the British and American flags, but it does not mean that Brazil’s or Spain’s flag might not become popular any time soon. Basically, if you are proud of your own country or want to emphasise that the country is close to you, do not hesitate, just hang the flag on your room walls!

While decorating your home, keep in mind that flags look good in both: modern and traditional interiors. Moreover, flags focus that much attention that sometimes even a small item such as pillow can dominate the whole decor.

We are really into this flag trend, that is why we want to show you 20 interior designs with a flag as the leading or secondary role, which has certainly made a huge impression on us. Be inspired!

Interior designs inspired by the american flag

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Source: Jamie Hempsall

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Source: Pottery Barn

Interior designs inspired by the british flag

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Source: Home and Decor

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American-british flag variations

Source: Irene Turner

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