Only two pairs of lips has passed into popculture history. Angelina Jolie’s mouth and logo of The Rolling Stones. They last for many years as symbols of certain era. And there is no indication that in the near future they will be dethroned. However nothing prevents to see the latest PIXERS collection dedicated to the sweetest part of human body.

The projects used to create Lick it! definitely belong to the most sensuous. They are tempting, seductive but not vulgar. Some of them may be regarded as eccentric (they change regular apartment into ultra-modern space), some are just nice. The latter seem to be ideal for the spring season. Moreover, all these products have a lot of sweetness and charm. As well as models who lent their images.

Finally it is worth to see what kind of approach to the subject of lips is represented by the young and talented designers: Marcin Szmidt and Radek Jabłonka.