Today is the International Women’s Day which derives from the soviet traditions. We like all kinds of old school, so we shall write kind of manifesto or, at least, try to say: ‚hey, we don’t want flowers, we want equality!’. But frankly the problem is that we’re expecting those stupid flowers to get, even if it was a trite rose. Are you sure it is the best idea? If we don’t want to fight for our rights, then maybe instead of flowers, we could change something in the design of your home for more feminine and spring?

On the occasion of this special day we have prepared a very unique collection for all women, Sketches & Pastels, where you’ll find plenty of inspirations and ideas for a spring change. There are floral motives, sweet drawings and animals in it – looking at the interiors arranged using the wall murals and decals from this collection, the only thing we can do is to shout: ‘wow! that’s great!’. A patchwork deer, a huge high-heels shoe woven from flowers and trees full of birds; it just perfectly fits with the wall missing for a crazy look!

According to this style we want to present you the artworks of Miranda Skoczek, an australian painter in whose works some deers, zebras and parrots bustle about on the lurid backgrounds saturated with sun beams. In her work the realism interweaves with geometry and abstraction, and this makes her paintings not only visually, but also substantially attractive. The artists herself claims that what is important in her works is the fusion of decorative iconography from the history of visual culture, folk and architectonic motives, as well as diverse patterns. Her paintings are like luxurious precious for the wall, and the boundary between hi and low art is ignored in the combination of colors and forms. And last but not least – we should make a conclusion that women create the most powerful artworks including elegance and a little madness!