New photos with fantastic arrangements prepared by the customers of the shop have reached the office of PIXERS. In this article we will look at only three of them but I would like to point that the rest of the photographs is available on the PIXERS Facebook profile in an album called wnętrza naszych klientów :).

Today we’ll visit Mrs. Ola’s bathroom, Mr. Bartłomiej’s living room and Mrs. Magdalena’s bar.

Mrs. Ola decided to decorate her bathroom in a monochromatic way. Whites, beiges and browns dominate the space. So chosen wallpaper fits perfectly into this scheme. It gives more mood and elegance.

In turn, Mr. Bartłomiej’s living room is decorated in brighter colours. The orange accents and… wallpaper prepared by PIXERS lend the character to the whole space. This product nicely interacts with the black and white photographs hung on the perpendicular wall.

Mrs. Magdalena’s bar seems to be very sterile but clear and transparent. There’s a lot of whites and shades of blue in this room. The effect is compounded by aquamarine ornaments and ‘grassy’ wallpaper hungs in the perfect and most conspicuous place. Therefore, everything is okay.