Have you ever tried your hands laid with various shapes such as animals and watch their shadows on the wall? Or maybe you practice martial arts and use a popular form of exercise called ‘battle of the shadow’? If not, it’s okay because experience isn’t required to join ‘shadow play’ proposed by PIXERS. It expects only a bit of good taste. There is no rules.

We can choose a wide range of ‘moves’, ‘punches’ and ‘tricks’.

First, latex wallpaper. Theme of jazzman (for example supplemented with an old adapter) is a classic variety of the game perfectly suited to the living room.

Second, more modern-looking vinyl wallpaper with the image of shooter/hunter. It is rather infrequent element of décor. But this time risk paid off. Probably because this wallpaper is very minimalist.

Third, the adhesive wallpaper in the youth style called ‘God Is The DJ’. It’s hard to disagree when they are so widely developed club scene and so-called remix culture. The product primarily for teens.

Four, sex appeal, charm and grace. Here are presented in the office circumstances. However, ‚after hours’.