Rapid return to the interiors of our customers.

1. Mrs. Isabella has completed the oriental decorated hall by our Taj Mahal. This decoration perfectly complements the cream room and gives it an exclusive taste which wouldn’t be ignored in the most exquisite lounges. Congratulations for the ingenuity and unusual taste.

2. Mr. Marek has decided that the best pattern for his room would be another famous building – the Eiffel Tower. And he was roght. The symbol of Paris proudly flexing on one of the tall, corner walls towering over the rest of the room which propably is during a small renovation in this picture.

3. Arrangement number three is a kitchen where even I would have fun with cooking. First of all, enjoyable and balanced colours. Secondly, a clock as a funny supplement. Thirdly, the warm and cozy vineyard in the background. Mrs. Kasia, I’m looking for an invitation.