Have you ever dreamed about going to Hawaii? So have we! And we did! We transformed our office and spent an evening on paradise Pixers island, to greet summer in the proper fashion. Ok, so in fact no one actually heard the sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline, but we did have music cranking all night long. As Kool and the Gang sang, “Let’s all celebrate and have a good time. We’re gonna celebrate and have a good time.” And so it was…


The weather was perfect, as was the mood and the colorful flower filled costumes

The real meaning of Aloha in Hawaiian and at Pixers is that of Love, Peace, and Compassion.

The mood and the weather were awesome – we awed at the sunset on the terrace, accompanied by tropical drinks and palm trees, hearty laughter and Hawaiian decorations. Since we are all great aesthetics, we ensured everything’s proper arrangement at the office. We made sure to have colourful lanterns, and we greeted guests in a truly Hawaiian fashion – by giving everyone who walked through the door a Lei.

Hawaii at Pixers

Universal jewellery? Here you go!

We did not just satiate our eyes either! We cannot imagine the summer season without grilled specialities. For this reason, the party program also included something for the body, even for those famous for their huge appetites. Classic grilled sausages, the new queen of the grill – Karkóweczka [grilled pork shoulder] or summer vegetables grilled to a T, also tantalized the passers by with their aromas.

Pixers grilling championships

No more waiting in line, would you like some more?

Pixers’ four legged friends were also invited to the party, sporting flower braided collars. Praga and Sven entertained the guests with their happy wagging, which was proof that we were not the only ones having a good time at the party.

Pixers' mascots

Praga and Sven – brave comrades of our trip to Hawaii

We were only lacking one small thing – several tons of sand for a beach volleyball court. As a result, our table soccer players ensured a high level of sports emotions. A huge championship was under way, and everyone was a winner this evening!

The Pixers' team is getting better and ... bigger! We all play!

The Pixers’ team is getting better and … bigger! We all play!

We danced happily in a sea of flowers to the rhythm of our favourite summer hits. Loud discussions broke the chains of laughter and chants of the fans and the dance floor was full, even during slow dances.

Party at Pixers

With hits playing in the background! Let’s hula – dance everyone!

We are now convinced more than ever that people create a workplace and that Hawaii is really not that far away. All you need is a little will, color and good mood to have over one hundred people travel on an unforgettable journey, all at the same time.

All good things come to an end. Souvenir photos and colorful memories of the Hawaiian beach on the banks of the Oder river remain. We are already getting ready for the upcoming edition, thinking as to where will embark together with the entire Pixers team. We wish you all fantastic summer fun!