In May, we once again visited the headquarters of the Warsaw super-initiative The Heart, the center of cooperation between startups and corporations. This time, we arrived at the Warsaw Spire tower in order to take part in the 11th HR Factor Conference entitled ‚Make a better HR’.

The Heart - europejskie centrum współpracy startupów i korporacji.

The Heart -European center for corporate-startup collaboration.

The seriesis devoted to the topic of Employer Branding, which has recently dominated discussionsat HR meetings. Its purpose is to create conditions for learning, sharing knowledge and effective networking. As a result, every year, the event brings together representatives of various industries, such as IT and Marketing, who are eager for knowledge and discussions.

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Conference „Make a Better HR” organized by Studio Wiedzy.

An innovative format of the conference and charismatic speakers made the event interesting and engaging. Its division into four categories: slam battle, the slam battle, i.e. an intellectual battle of startups and corporations, the boardroom session – an exchange of experience of theoreticians working in the industry, HR workshops – mini workshops and lectures in the TED formula, gave the participants a variety of experience and full satisfaction from time well spent.

Slam battle.

Boardroom session.

The speakers included our feisty Ola Szol-Tułecka, Pixers CEO. She provided the participants with a reliable and inspirational speech, addressing issues related to the world of both startups and corporations. In addition to her, we had the opportunity to listen to: Tomasz Rudolf – The Heart Warsaw, Magdalena Maśluk-Meller – Zalando, Justyna Augustynowicz – DHL Express and Izabela Bartnicka – Hudson Global Resource.

We played two roles in this year’s edition. One was the role of a speaker, performed by Ola. It was with the same pride that we assumed the second role, becoming a creative partner of HR Factor, with which we have already had the opportunity to collaborate on the project, aimed at personalizing space of The Heart.

“Working on the modern business space of The Heart in the vibrant city of Warsaw was a genuine pleasure for us. As Pixers originated from a startup, participating in the creation of personalized space, gathering together companies at the beginning of their development path, was especially close to our hearts” – admits Joanna Strzała, Country Sales Director at Pixers

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Aleksandra Szol-Tułecka, CEO Pixers

Ola worked for a corporate giant for many years. In2016, she joined Pixers, a much smaller organization with a culture similar to that of a startup and focusing on the people who create it. During her speech she talked about this fact and our passion for personalization as well as its impact on the working environment.

 “Space has an incredible impact. This drew my attention when I was working at the previous company and I felt a desire to color the world in other companies. I want to change the world and the space. Today, the issue of space is highly emphasized and it shows that it is an undeveloped area. By exploring space, we bring about growth in efficiency and productivity, and trigger more ideas” – stated Ola.

Projekt bez tytułu

Ola Szol’s speech at the conference.

“I want to say one thing, referring to the culture of an organization: there is one thing we are missing and that is: what a person feels, what we feel. The key to everything that we do is thinking about the other person, meeting their needs, showing that they are important to us, and if they are, then so are their families, passions and challenges” - enunciated Ola at the HR Factor.

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Tomasz Rudolf – The Heart Warsaw.

One of the elements of employer branding is the very personalization of workplaces, therefore, in order to show an appropriate level of our creativity, worthy of the title of a creative partner, we organized a competition at the conference. The main prize in the competition, i.e. office space personalization – was won by HUBER+SUHNER.

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Selecting the winner during the conference.

Thus far, we have personalized an impressive 17,500 m2 of commercial space, easy on the eye of many people on difficult Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. For this reason, we are happy that another office will become a friendly haven for the team working there. We believe that a nicely and functionally designed space translates into work comfort and employee satisfaction, and the conscious creation of a company’s image as an employer, leads to the attraction of new talent.

Remember that the personalization of office space is a great opportunity to present your abilities within the framework of employer branding activities! See more inspiration!