Although from the very beginning of its existence the cinema has had its own unique charm, it was music that took it to a completely different dimension. During the last Speakers’ Corner Konrad Kaczmarek, our Pricing Manager, told us about the great power of sound within the picture and his special passion for film compositions.

speakers' corner konrad

Before everything was sound

Konrad started by introducing us to the world of his passion, bringing us closer to the roots and the role of music in cinema and to a few basic concepts associated with it. We therefore learned at least what it is about temp track or what the difference between a score and a soundtrack is, which was exemplified by fragments of cult Forrest Gump. We also grazed the subject of the musical history of cinema. Konrad told us about the origins film sound from the side of the sound and the recording process. It turned out that before the electronic revolution of Zimmer, the creation of music for films was an immense challenge, with which the entire orchestra had to deal with. In addition, everything had to be finished to a T, since one mistake meant that the entire record had to be recorded all over again…

Gladiator screening with live music

Today, performing a motion picture soundtrack by a traditional orchestra usually takes place during special concerts such as the one at the Krakow Film Festival. In the age of electronics this is a real treat for lovers like Konrad.

Feel the difference

To show that music plays one of the primary roles in films, Konrad got the idea to carry out several experiments with us. The first one focused on playing the same scene from Pirates of the Caribbean several times, but each time with a different background music. In this way, Konrad perfectly demonstrated how much influence the background music has on our perception of what we are seeing on the screen at the moment. During the next test we listened to snippets of the soundtrack, guessing what epoch, place, emotion or kind of action we associate it with.

Motion picture sounds without boundaries

When we were already fully into the cinematic atmosphere, Konrad brought us closer to the modern face of music, not just the film, but also the music written for games and series. He also told us about the great masters and iconic works of the genre and his exceptional soft spot for the soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings, the magic of which, as you will most probably admit, is hard to resist.

Konrad does not stop at the original motion picture soundtracks, but he also seeks his tunes in the sounds inspired by film scores.

Off to Krakow in search of great emotions

Konrad’s fascination with film music was evident from the beginning, but his eyes really sparkled when he started talking about Krakow Film Music Festival, where he has been a regular attendee for some years now. He showed us a lot of his pictures and told us a little bit about this amazing event. As an incentive to start hunting for tickets for this year’s edition, he also played us a phenomenal fragment of one of the concerts. The musicians played a suite from the Vikings series, which was specially composed by Trevor Morris. We sat listening, as our thoughts drifted to the ancient battlefield…

Waiting for one of the breathtaking concerts.

The amazing atmosphere of the FMF makes many people return to Krakow year after year. This is the real magic of sound and image!

Howard Shore

FMF gives a unique opportunity to meet the real virtuosos of film sounds. Here, maestro Howard Shore, author of the music for the Lord of the Rings.

Konrad also invited everyone interested to visit his YouTube channel, on which he gathers recordings from the most interesting moments caught during the FMF. Be sure to take a look, even for such tasty treats like this video from a special screening of Gladiator with live music:

Soundtrack of a lifetime

For Konrad, film music goes far beyond the screen. It often becomes its own soundtrack, composed to life. Anyway, read for yourself:

The aim of film music is to emphasize the moment that we see on the screen. It’s the same in everyday life – a ton of e-commerce business problems? Play an electronic beat from Social Network’s OST or Steve Jobs’ OST by Daniel Pemberton and you instantly feel the movie’s atmosphere and fight the challenges. Don’t feel like running? Just hit songs with battle or escape themes, such as the one from Assassin’s Creed and the rhythm just kicks in automatically. There are loads of such examples. That’s why film music is irreplaceable for me in my everyday life. In the sense that it can motivate me to do something, relax, speed up the pace and be an inspiration for all kinds of ideas. In addition, for me my subject of interest in terms of musical discoveries and spending free time. I can’t forget to mention about my regular trips to the Krakow Film Music Festival. I am bursting with pride that Poland manages to organize a world-class festival every year and invite better and better composers. This year is the 10th anniversary, so there will be quite a lot happening – from the „All is Film Music” Gala, to the screening of „Titanic” with live music. I’ll let you know how it was!

Here’s Konrad’s list of soundtracks for running. Such a playlist will definitely motivate everyone: