In Poland, homeowners’ associations and housing cooperatives are often associated with bureaucracy and the need to cope with an army of formalists. Meanwhile, Łukasz Jędrzejak, Product Manager at PIXERS, argues that the relationship with your homeowners’ association doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In the end, each resident is a part of it – so like the members, like the community.

Our latest Speaker’s Corner meeting was dedicated to dispersing the concerns of involving yourself in a homeowners’ association. Łukasz has answered some of our questions and addressed our anxieties.

homeowners’ association Speakers' Corner PIXERS

Do you know where the management of the homeowners’ association comes from? They’re chosen by the landlords, if the community includes at least 7 units. And how are the decisions made by the board? If there are several people on it, then decisions must be taken by at least two of its members. Often, we fear that the board of the community makes decisions behind our backs, against our will. However, you should know that there are things that can’t be decided by the board itself; these include, among others, such issues as: the establishment of the fees to cover the administrative costs and remuneration for the board, as well as the authorization of any renovation works of the common areas of a property.

Have you ever had the community board’s management knock at your door? Perhaps you wondered what they were doing… From Łukasz we know that the property owner’s resolutions are taken not only during scheduled meetings but also by individually collected votes – and this, supposedly, might be the purpose of the board representative’s visit at your home. If you’re still afraid that some decision could be made without your knowledge, keep in mind that if the resolution is adopted with the participation of votes collected individually, you should receive this content in writing!

homeowners’ association Speakers' Corner PIXERS

If you still fear that the board might be up to something, you have several tools at hand to check on the situation. Every landlord has the right to control the activities of the board, while the board is required to submit annual reports from its activity and to carry out all the payments through a bank account. Remember that you can dispel all your doubts by taking a look into the act in law on the ways in which homeowners’ associations operate.

We hope that this dose of information from Łukasz will facilitate your relationship with your homeowners’ association, and may even encourage you to be more involved in its work. If you have had any adventures with your community, tell us about them in the comments!