Do you go to work by bike? Or maybe you’re looking for a good reason to start it? At PIXERS, we do use bikes to get to the office and we’ll tell you why you would benefit when you also cycle to work! Get to know five essential advantages of bike as a mean of transportation.

Cycle to Work PIXERS

Bike are magic!

Bike does wonders:

  1. It improves your health & gives a peace of mind;
  2. It’s a two wheel gym;
  3. It makes your life better & longer;
  4. It saves your money & the planet;
  5. It makes you modern & cool.

You’ll find the whole article on all the benefits of cycling to work on our Medium profile. Take a look!

At PIXERS, we not only know that sport equals health, but also we consider it a way of life and passion – you could read about it in the post about our company’s sportmen. Among them, there are many cyclists – these who take part in the marathons, wander the mountain trails, and these who travel around the world by bike. The simplest way to use a bike is to cycle to work – and people who do it are in the majority. With such a background, we decided to participate in the European Cycling Challenge. In May, the PIXERS team will compete in the amount of miles made on a bicycle – keep your fingers crossed for us!

Or maybe they want to join the challenge? We encourage you to start pedalling!

Cycle to Work - PIXERS

It’s a pure pleasure to go by bike to work in such surroundings!

Are you fancy getting on a bike instead of taking a bus? Read our text on Medium and let us convince you that cycling is fun, healthy and green.


Cycling to work has a lot of benefits.