Finding an exceptional gift or a wall decoration for home might be a tough challenge. PIXERS will make this easier with its updated functionality “Your Photo” that allows printing various products from the customer’s own photos. Just click on the „Upload Photo” option in the top panel on our website and create your own wall art using infinite shapes and sizes!

PIXERS’ Customizable Prints – „Your Photo” Functionality

PIXERS’ “Your Photo” option is the new way of creating wall art from your own photos. The process is simple – images uploaded to can be adjusted according to your needs and composed in various original layouts. After five days a perfectly crafted product is delivered and ready to install on wall.

PIXERS Your Photo - Customized Prints

Print your memories in various shapes and styles! Decorate your wall or give it to a friend!

The best part of the process is creating different shapes and combinations from the photos that will be perfect decorative objects bringing the memory of the best moments in your  live – wedding day, child’s birth or holidays spent with friends. Thanks to the “Your Photo” functionality creating a photo collage on canvas, poster, sticker and wall mural gets easy as ever!

It gives you infinite possibilities to personalize the final product: we give you the option to choose between six different photo shapes and various puzzles options. Such a personalized print will be a perfect idea for meaningful gifts. The only thing you have to do is to collect the best photos you plan to use and upload them to PIXERS. Outstanding prints created this way will be a memorable gift for Mother’s Day, friend’s birthday or any anniversary.

Take a look at our own compositions:

Your Photo by PIXERS - Triptych

Divide your photo into three parts to create an artistic effect. Such triptych on canvas will remind you of memorable events…

Your Photo by PIXERS - Triptych

A triptych is an intriguing decoration and a „window” to the past…

Mother's Day - PIXERS Triptych

An ideal idea for a Mother’s Day gift – your photo with your Mum as a wall decoration!

Your Photo by PIXERS - Quadriptych

Quadriptych is an option of splitting the canvas into four parts – and a horizontal photo in such layout looks really good.

Your Photo by PIXERS - Polyptych

You can also divide your photo into nine parts to create a polyptych.

Your Photo by PIXERS - Puzzle A

If you prefer something even more artistic – make a collage and play puzzle on your wall!

Your Photo by PIXERS - Puzzle

Puzzle can be also a good way to spend time with your family – compose your puzzle on the PIXERS’ website and play with your kids!

Your Photo by PIXERS - Collage

You can also create a collage from various photos and compose them in a frame with a passe-partout. It will be a perfect way to memorize a wedding or another important event.

Your Photo by PIXERS - Words

Words on wall cut out from your photos? Now it’s possible with YOUR PHOTO function on PIXERS.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the „Your Photo” function on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!