Every Spring brings changes – and together with them it’s also time for spectacular metamorphosis, which will make you ready to spread your wings and undertake new challanges. Along with the flourishing nature the space that surrounds you should be flourishing too.  In PIXERS we love changes as they’re the factor of development, therefore, on the occasion of the spring 2015, we want to present you the opportunities offered by the knowledge of characteristics of the styles in interior design. Thanks to them a metamorphosis in your home will be easier!

Spring Metamorphosis with PIXERS

Refresh your home for spring!

Among wide range of the most distinctive styles we’ve chosen four: classic style, shabby-chic, Provencal style, and pastel colours palette. Also, we’ve prepared interiors arranged in every style and a set of fifty wall murals designs matching every style.

Which of these styles reflect best your temperament and personality? Choose one of them and see what changes you can make in your home so its style become more expressive.

Classic Style

It’s the most elegant among all the styles discussed here. Classic interior design is based on order, symmetry and balance that refer to the architectural ideals of ancient Greece and Rome. Classic interiors always have a focal point around which the whole is arranged, eg. a fireplace with a decorative frame. Floral and geometric ornaments, motifs from Rococo – rocailles (stylized shells), as well as Baroque motifs such as arabesques and putti are the patterns that fit this style.

Classic Style - Spring Metamorphosis with PIXERS

Classic style is destined for lovers of timeless elegance: furniture with classic forms and ornaments on walls. This style is the style of people who appreciate chic order and symmetry.

PIXERS Classic Style Wall Mural 64590090

Gentle roses on the wall will harmonize with inlaid furniture and adorned chandelier.

Classic Style PIXERS Wall Mural 57673513

Classic style can be overwhelming at times – but still, an ornamented wallpaper fits the carpet and the colour of furniture and the whole room is arranged symmetrically.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is the variation of the classic and vintage style – worn and covered with the time’s patina.  Above all, it’s delicate, feminine and subtle, with characteristic colours of pastel pink and turquoise. It brings to mind the smell of freshly starched bed linen and curtains moved by wind. Shabby chic literally means chic that is a little bit faded and decayed but still charming. A simple recipe for gaining this style at home is to refurbish old furniture and paint it with semi-transparent paint in pastel colors. Fowers on wall will be also appreciated!

Shabby Chic - Spring with PIXERS

This style is highly recommended for all romantic girls who love the novels by Jane Austen.

SchabbyChic Wall Mural PIXERS 78614907

Bright pink & white hues and vintage furniture – these are characteristic features of the shabby chic style. Poppies on the wall emphasize the style.

Schabby Chic PIXERS Wall Mural 79491169

Such large floral pattern on wall will be enough to create a shabby chic romantic atmosphere in a living room!


Interiors in pastel colours can be arranged in diverse styles – from minimal style, through Scandinavian, to full of accessories shabby chic style. Pastel colours are in tune with gray and white furniture and add-ons. The simplicity of forms and pastels is a perfectly feminine match, but at the same time it’s quite versatile and suitable for small spaces, before all.

Pastel Colours Palette - Spring with PIXERS

Pastel colors are delicate and feminine – perfect for living room and bedroom.

Spring with Pastels PIXERS 64864994

Pastel geometric patterns match the Scandinavian style.

Spring with Pastel Colours PIXERS 73115087

Romantic dragnoflies in pastel colours – pattern good for a kid’s room, but it’ll be also an intriguing element of a living room.

Provencal Style

This style was formed in the French region of Provence. In many ways it resembles the rustic style, as they both refer to a homely atmosphere and to the style of village cottages. The interiors reflect the atmosphere of rural idyll, complemented by trinkets and ornaments, usually with pottery, wooden and stone elements, bunches of dried herbs and lavender.

Povencal Style - Spring with PIXERS

If you love the climate of the Provence, this style is for you!

Provencal Style Wall Mural PIXERS 48533046

Such wall mural with a photo of lavender will look beautiful on the kitchen’s wall.

Provencal Style Wall Mural PIXERS 63723872

If you want to feel in your bedroom like you were on holiday in Provence, put a bouquet of lavender on the wall.

We’re curious which style of metamorphosis you would choose for your home… Hope we’ve inspired you!

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