The 14th of February is soon and we’d like to advise on a special gift for your beloved one those of you who were too busy to use PIXERS’ promotional codes for the Valentine’s Day. We’ve prepared fifteen easy ideas for DIY gifts for her and him. They’re so uncomplicated that you’ll be able to do them at the last minute (but we suggest to take care of materials and needed tools a little bit earlier). Aa far as I know gifts made personally have always greater value, and especially for this day of love you should remember to make your lover smile.


It’s a piece of cake to stick a wall decal on wall by yourself, but maybe better think of something more creative and personal?

Below you”ll find our fifteen charming gifts ideas together with necessary materials and tools. Good luck!

Sweet Miniature Pompoms

Pompoms garland for Valentine's Day Decor

Pink and red small pompoms will look in a window like from a fairy tale. You can decorate this way your bedroom window to create a loving (and lovely) atmosphere.

You will need:

  • felt pompoms of different sizes – you can make them at home (take a look at the manual video here) or buy it here,
  • thin transparent thread, to which you’ll thread your pompons,
  • scissors.

Rain of Hearts

Valentine's Day Heart Garlands

A similar idea, but using paper hearts. If you fail to make or buy pompoms for time, cut a lot of colorful hearts and hang them on the ceiling!

Paper Hearts DIY Valentine's Gift

Colorful hearts will also be a great decoration for sticking on a gift wrapped in paper!

You will need:

  • card stock in fun colours,
  • clear fishing line,
  • heart punch,
  • tape,
  • scissors.

Heart Attack!

Heart Attack Jar Valentine's Day PIXERS blog

Once you have cut out a whole lot of hearts, you can write a nice word on each of them and put all of them into a jar decorated with colourful tape and with a Valentine’s label. The WOW effect guaranteed!

You will need:

  • transparent jar with pretty cap,
  • bunch of paper sheets to cut out the heart shapes,
  • sticky letters (if you think you have ugly handwriting), or white, or red oil-based marker (just like this one),
  • Photoshop and a printer to create and print your labels (or you can make them manually),
  • washi tape to decorate the cap and a ribbon to wrap the jar with it.

Candy Bottle Full of Love

In a flow of creative thinking you can think of making also a bottle full of candies – you’ll use the labels created for the previous project.

Love Arrows DIY Valentine's Gift - PIXERS blog

Evermine Blog recommends to additionally decorate the bottles with paper arrows of love!

You will need:

  • clean, transparent recycled soda bottle,
  • your favorite candies (small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle),
  • bottle labels with words of love.

Love Drug for the Whole Week

Valentines Candy Pills PIXERS blog

You can put small portions of different types of candies into a drug box – a small portion of candy for every week together with a loving slip note.

You will need:

  • drug box (available in drug stores),
  • candies in fun colours and patterns,
  • recipe for a good day – a card with romantic words.

Candy Box


Red bonbons will also look nice in a cardboard box wrapped with a red ribbon and decorated with paper heart.

You will need:

  • red bonbons or jellies,
  • small cardboard box,
  • red ribbon,
  • paper heart to decorate with.

Chocolate Hearts

On the North Story blog you’ll find an easy way to prepare chocolate hearts znajdziecie tez prosty sposób na czekoladowe serca (according to the word that „way to a man

You will need:

  • two chocolate bars or the same amount of chocolate chips,
  • saucepan to melt the chocolate,
  • heart-shaped silicone cupcake case,
  • small colourful chocolate hearts for decoration.

Heart-Shaped Lollipop Candles


Such candles require more effort, but they’re totally worth it!

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of colored beeswax
  • pink glitter,
  • toothpicks or bamboo skewers,
  • candle wicks,
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter,
  • spray adhesive.

”Your Songs” CD


It may be so old-school in the era of ITunes, but nevertheless it’s a charming idea to record your favourite song on a CD and wrap it in a customized envelop.

You will need:

  • clean CD,
  • stiff paper (to create an envelop),
  • stickers, colorful washi tape and markers to decorate envelop and write the songs list.

Torba z Sercem

Heart Bag DIY

Vanessa Christenson has got a nice idea to personalize an eco-bag with a pinky-red heart made with stamps using …a pencil eraser!

You will need:

  • eco-bag,
  • puffy paint in red pink and white,
  • pencil with a full eraser,
  • paper plate to mix the paint,
  • iron.

Valentine Book Cover


This is an idea perfect for guys who already have used up the limit of flowers and chocolates. On Design Sponge blog you’ll learn how to make happy a woman who loves reading.  Wrap her favourite book in white and pink paper! You can also buy her new books as a gift and personalize them in this way.

You will need:

  • books,
  • 2 large sheets of white and pink drawing (or wrapping) paper,
  • pencil and ruler,
  • scissors,
  • double-sided tape.

Flower Heart


In case your beloved woman prefer flowers than books – don’t buy her a regular bouquet of roses – better assembly them in a shape of heart using a special frame (to buy in flowers shops).

You will need:

  • white, red and pink fresh roses,
  • heart-shaped rack,
  • floral foam (fill it with water and flowers won’t wilt quickly).

Poster Full of Kisses

LipstickArt DIY Valentine's Gift PIXERS blog

A perfect idea for all Ladies – a sheet of paper and red lipstick are sufficient to create a “kissy” poster for your Man!

You will need:

  • a piece of paper with a nice texture (eg. handmade)
  • Red and pink lipstick,
  • frame with passe-partout.

Fortune Love Cookies

You can foretell a happy future for both of you – Martha Stewart instructs how to create felt “cookies” with words of good fortune inside…

You will need:

  • red and pink felt sheets,
  • ribbon,
  • fabric shears,
  • craft glue,
  • wire cutter.

Breakfast Full of Love

Heart Toast Valentine's Idea PIXERS blog

The easiest idea for all of you lazy people, who don’t dabble in any kind of handicraft. Make him / her a toast with a fried egg inside a heart-shaped window! Yummy!

You will need:

  • good will and a shared breakfast,
  • slice of bread, an egg, a little of butter and pinch of salt,
  • knife and frying pan.

Bon Appetit on the Valentine’s Day!!!