While creating our offer, we always try to think about the little ones, as well as about young people and their parents. And as it’s time to come back to school again, we would like to encourage both the top students and those who are more resistant to school to reaping joy of preparing their learning nook. Also, we would like to remind you, dear parents, that preparing for the new school year can be pretty cool, if in addition to making a typical school shopping, you will decide to make your children a nice surprise – you can give them a motivational poster, a set of colorful stickers or a canvas that will remind them of holiday and will express their passions and hobbies.

Back to School PIXERS

Stickers, posters and wall murals - these products will turn a child's and teenager's room into a real fortress for learning and having fun!

A young disciple’s room is not only a place for learning, but also a place where one can hide from the rest of the world. It shall be multifunctional – organized but expressing the personality of its inhabitant. That’s why our products are aimed for children just beginning their education, as well as those seasoned in the school battles.

Letters Stickers

PIXERS Stickers Letters Animals

Stickers printed on PIXERStick will make it easy to stick the letters to the wall and then replace them again and again!

Alphabet Stickers PIXERS

Learning the alphabet is the first challenge - the child will enjoy sticking the colored letters and pet-shaped letters to the wall.

Wall Murals as a Coloring Book

PIXERS Lets Color 52832777

Our collection "Let’s Color" is aimed for little artists, who prefer to create their own artworks on walls. To lead the , którzy wolą stworzyć na ścianie własne dzieło. To bring spots and dashes out of the chaos, we offer them the coloring shapes on wall murals.


Pets cretaed to put color on them! Kids will be happy to see their wall changing its look in the process of coloring...

Reminding Stickers


Stickers to be applied on the entrance door of the room - very useful especially for the absent-minded! Soon available in the PIXERS...

PIXERS Reminding Stickers for Door

They will remind the teenagers of some useful gadgets!

Maps for Walls


For those who like learning geography, traveling and memorizing the countries and their captials – maps in a form of wall murals and stickers will be perfect!


Walls will look cool with maps from PIXERS.

Wall Decals „Space Invaders”


Our proposition for geeks and enthusiasts of computer games – little "Space Invaders" will invade the space on the student's wall.


Eight-bit color ghosts will add charm to every wall!

Motivational Posters


Poster with words motivating the disciple to learn and to be happy with what he/she do.


Minimalist design will look good in a teenager's room.

Canvases à la Graffiti


If your son dreams of having graffiti in his room - canvas in neon colors will be the perfect alternative.


The possibility to order a canvas composed of four parts is an additional feature. To obtain this effect select the option CANVAS PRINT and the "Polyptych" option.

Movie/TV Series Poster


For senior students – we recommend posters with a scene from their favorite TV show or a movie. To temporarily break away from the books and move into the world of imagination... For more go to the collection of "Cinematographics" and "Show Time!".


Poster from „Game of Thrones” will remind the student that learning the real history can be fascinating.

Pastel Posters


For young girls who follow trends - pastel deer with geometrical motifs. Pretty and trendy!


Contrasting color combinations and geometric shapes will be a modern addition to the room.

Energizing Posters


For sporty types and for fans of a sporty style - posters inspired by the ADIDAS products.


The dynamism of the composition is to encourage action and achieving the objectives!

Good luck in the new school year!