A trend for ombre effects, both on walls and on textiles, is doing well, but nowadays it has been slowly replaced by another trendy shade effect – color blocking. Whereas, we would like to recommend you another type of paint effects for wall. Without actually using paint, therefore without necessity to worry about keeping all the stuff in a room away from the murderous paint splashes! I’m referring to paint effects that will transform your wall into a charming painting in a way that it won’t affect the rest of the room’s design. I’m talking here about heavy impasto effects neither. What we are keen of is a watercolour effect on wall – watercolors splashes and spots on a watery background, blurred, light and delicate… A wall with splashes of pastel colors combined into unexpected compositions will always look fresh and modern.

Watercolors is the first and the last thing an artist does.
(Willem de Kooning)

Such freshness can be experienced while looking at the best painting of some of the impressionist as, for example, Claude Monet’s. While in contemporary art the master of color is German artist, Gerhard Richter. Surprisingly, his paintings are made with oil paint…

Gerhard Richter- Abstraktes Bild - 2001

Gerhard Richter, Abstraktes Bild, 2001

Richter’s paintings are usually of enormous dimensions, so you can be sure that they would cover the entire wall in your living room. Considering, however, almost cosmic prices of his works, I recommend you wall murals from PIXERS. Thanks to selected designs you will be a proud owner of a modern interior that follows the latest trends

Here are some of our preferred products:

PIXERS Watercolor Wall Mural no 61723867

Despite appearances, stains and dripping paint look really impressive on a wall


Pastel stains for those of you who love light walls

PIXERS Wall Mural no 43745035

Yellow-green streaks interlaced with turquoise accents… In conjunction with green accessories will add softness to the wall. And green is the color that calms and relaxes.


Wall mural „London in Watercolour” is a mix of abstract art with silhouettes of the famous London’s buildings. On a wall it will look just like a big canvas!

PIXERS Paris Wall Mural 36227372

…and for thos who love France – Paris in watercolors!

PIXERS Wall Mural Watercolor no 43659919

Spots and geometric forms – a strong textural effects will look good in combination with minimalist furnishings

PIXERS Woman Face Wall Mural no 34767035

Woman’s face painted on a wall… Purple wall mural will add some avant-garde atmosphere to the interior.

PIXERS Watercolor Stripes Wall Mural no 40355704

…and last but not least – a wall mural with watercolor stripes for kids!

Watercolor motifs on the wall can be combined with simple furnishings and accessories. It is also worth to choose color-matching accessories. But if you like a total look, we recommend you to inspire yourself with our set:


Furniture in strong colors: indigo, magenta and gold, will look gorgeous in a room with walls covered with delicate watercolors… | PIXERS – Polyvore