All products from PIXERS, except for prints on canvas and framed posters are shipped to you in a characteristic pink tube – made ​​from a solid piece of cardboard, durable for any inconveniences of its shipping. The pink tube’s aim is to protect your product against any damage. But have you ever wondered what to do with it after you install your wall murals and stick your wall decals? I assure you that the cardboard tube is an extremely useful object! Just get yourself creative, find some time and a handful of necessary tools and materials to create unique objects from the tube.

PIXERS Tubes in Office

In our office the pink tubes create an intriguing wall decoration!

I have prepared for you ten most interesting ideas for a tube transformation. You can wrap it, cut it, as well as strip it – the final result depends only on your creativity!

Chairs from Tube - PIXERS blog

You can make simple chairs out of pile of tubes - a wooden, plastic or plywood frame will be necessary. Here chairs made by professional designers: (1) Tube+9 Lounge Chair, (2) With a plastic frame, (3) Chair By Manfred Kielnhofer.

Pencil Holders from Tube - PIXERS blog

Tube is an ideal material for a pencil case or an office toolbox. Wrapping the tube with patterned materials and implementing a zipper, you will get a handy pencil case - how to do it? - find out on the DAILY FIX blog (1), Pink & Green Toolbox - Mod Podge Rocks Blog! (2), The last suggestion is a mini shelf for pens (3) by Style Motivation.

Images Credits: (1) DAILY FIX, (2) Mod Podge Rocks!, (3) Style Motivation.

A Wine Rack or a Shoe Rack - the tube can be pretty useful! (1) Shoe stand from tubes taped with felt | Design*Sponge, (2) Hanger for shoes | Cookie Loves Milk Blog, (3) Bottle Rack | Furnish Burnish

Images Credits: (1) Design*Sponge, (2) Cookie Loves Milk, (3) Furnish Burnish.

Lamps from Tube - PIXERS blog

Recycled tubes can be also used in creating lamps - just put inside the tube a cable with a bulb at the end of it (1) or make round holes in the tube and mount some fluorescent lights inside (2).

Images Credits: (1) Annaleenas Hem, (2) Pinterest.

Lampy z Tuby - PIXERs

Tube Lamps - by Andrés Aguirre


Tube walls? This is an alternative for plain walls, especially in commercial spaces. It was already adjusted by brands such as, among others, Karis, John Lewis, or Kazuin Ltd. (Hiroshima).

John Lewis Pavillion by Grimshaw

John Lewis' Pavillion in London - designed by Grimshaw (via DeZeen)

Frames made of recycled tubes - PIXERS blog

How to easily convert recycled tubes into photo frames? Photojojo will show you how to do it!

Planter made of tube - PIXERS blog

Planting Pot made out of recycled tube - design by Wes Thomas

Playing Monsters from Tube - PIXERS blog

This time something for kids - a packaging for candies and some painted fun monsters! Easy to make and useful in a home theater!

Image Credit: Bat Candies Box for Halloween – MerMag Blog.

On you will find an astinishing easy way to make this lovely tubular bells!

Bracelet Holder of Tube - PIXERS blog

As the The Lettered Cottage shows - you can make a useful bracelet holder using crossed tubes covered with a fluffy fabric...

Candle Holders of Tubes - PIXERS blog

Cutting the tube into small pieces and then wrapping them with a string, you will get rustic chandeliers. The modern version is made out of concrete - to make those candle holders you need to use the tube as a mold: (1) Minted Strawberry, (2) Concrete Candlesticks | Naver Blog

Images Credits: (1) Minted Strawberry, (2) Naver Blog.