Wall Decals, also known as wall tattoos are a great alternative for wall murals. They are easy to use and extremely decorative – just stick them to wall in a visible location to give the room a new face. And although choosing a proper decal seems banal, I can assure you that the installation process is much simpler than an appropriate selection of the motif and size that would match the interior. With this type of decoration both balance and a little touch of madness are important – and it all depends on the context.

 Frames Wall Murals PIXERS

A wall decal pretending to be a set of frames – for those who love both minimalism and retro style

How to install a wall decal?

You will learn how to do this from our detailed manual available here. In short: the installation is based on an appropriate balancing between the decal’s adhesive surface and the wall, with the concurrent slow peeling off the backing paper and manipulating the so-called flat squeegee, a plastic spatula with a felt finish, which serves to facilitate smoothing the sticker. Finally, what remains is to press once again the decal to the wall’s surface, and to remove the protective paper from the printed side of the decal. Wall decal will look appealingly if only we demonstrate a bit of effort in the installation process. Slowly smooth the wall decal’s surface so as to avoid the very first of all unwanted air bubbles (pierce those little ones, if they already arised, with a thin needle – a small hole won’t be visible!).

What about selecting the right motif?

Note that wall decals can be made only with vector files available in our database. These are graphic files, as opposed to raster files, for example photos, don’t lose their quality when changing their size. Vector image usually has smooth contours, which allow it to be cut out the white background. Well, this is important too: while looking for a wall decal on our website, pick the option “with a white background”.

Choosing the right size

Once you’re done with the search, keep in mind that the size of diverse elements on the image depends on the number of elements; their size will be proportional to the size of the entire decal that you choose. Later on, several elements can then be arranged in any configuration on the wall.


You have to measure the wall decal properly so that the separate swallows have right dimensions

Swallows Walls Decals PIXERS

Swallows will look fabulous with the given dimensions

Silhouettes Wall Decals

Silhouettes or outlines of characters – are actually “shadows” pretending to be human forms, animals, and even producing an illusion of various objects…

Women Silhouette Wall Decal by PIXERS

Woman’s silhouette in a bathroom – composed perfectly with a modern sink and retro mirror. The size of the wall decal is dictated by its harmonious coexistence with the existing interior

Cat on Branch Wall Decal by PIXERS

Wall decal with a cat in the lead role. Spreading branches and flying birds add some charm to the whole composition. Juxtaposed with black-and-white poster the entire mix gives the effect of cohesion

Flamingos Wall Decals by PIXERS

Large and small flamingo in bathroom – wall decal doesn’t have to be black!

Wall Decal Bubbles for Kids by PIXERS

Wall Decal “Bubbles” – perfect for a girl’s room

Wall Decal Furniture Silhouettes PIXERS

Wall decals pretending to be a vintage furniture set. Delightfully intriguing!

Flowers & Ornaments

Black silhouettes of flowers, subtle and eye-catching are the most popular choice. Same with the ornaments – their geometric structure is made for wall decals.

Wall Decal Ornament by PIXERS

Wall Sticker “Ornament” with delicate peacock’s feathers and geometric motifs – ideal for the entire wall, preferably in a bedroom

Wall Decal Blossoming Flower - PIXERS

”Blooming Flower”, a subtle wall decal in a somewhat romantic style. On the white wall of a living room

Wall Decal Heart - PIXERS

"Heart" - wall decal perfect for a black-and-white interior in minimalistic style

Dandelions Wall Mural by PIXERS

Delicate dandelions have grown on the wall – with a sticker from PIXERS it is possible! Such macro scale can be a hit if you don’t plan to further other wall decoration


Texts in a form of wall decals (not just black) will look like sketched on the wall. Life mottos, welcome texts or information texts – stick it and don’t worry it will detach from the wall!

 Motivating Wall Decal by PIXERS

Uplifting text on a wall decal. It will be useuful not only in an office!

Nothing Worth Doing is Easy Wall Decal - PIXERS

"Nothing Worth Doing Is Ever Easy" - in a living room

Love What You Do Wall Decal by PIXERS

Perfect for work – wall decal "Love What You Do What You Love"

Dare to Dream – Wall Decal by PIXERS

Wall Decal motivating to act - "Dare to Dream!"

 Welcome Wall Decal - PIXERS

Welcoming wall decal – flowery and colourful!

Kitchen Variations

Kitchen is a place where it is better not to clutter up the wall with paintings. Minimalist and aesthetic wall decals prove themselves in the role of inconspicuous (but still remarkable) decoration.

Watermelon Wall Decal by PIXERS

Wall decal "Watermelon" - watermelon’s seeds fall down on the wall creating an interesting effect

Kitchen Wall Decal-PIXERS

Wall decal that will make every meal a real pleasure (not just flavorful)

 Appetizing Lines Wall Decal PIXERS

Delicious wall – thanks to a wall decal in harmonious colours

Funny Extras

If you fancy surprising solutions, I would recommend you to become a magician and entertain yourself by blurring the boundary between reality and illusion. It is easy – just place the wall decals in some unexpected places.

Curiosity Wall Decal by PIXERS

"Curiosity" - wall decal or maybe a girl’s ghost?

Cat Wall Decal PIXERS

Maybe this is a wall decal or maybe just a cat landing on your bed on a heart-shaped balloon?

Angel Wall Decal PIXERS

An angel who decided to sit down between your books…

Dancing Silhouettes Wall Decal PIXERS

Dancers happily frolicking on the wall - is it a dream or is that real?