Kitchen is a real challenge in terms of decorating, as it is one of the most problematic spaces in every house, right next to a hallway and a bathroom. This is due to the chaos, which enters the kitchen from every corner all the time while we are constantly trying to avoid it… At the same time this is the most frequented place at home – not only while cooking, but also during the morning coffee and evening tête-à-têtes accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate. We would all love to spend time in a functional, besides cozy kitchen. What to do to fulfill these two goals? We have some useful guidelines for you!

Think synesthetically – have in mind the colours

You have to feel comfortable in your kitchen to enjoy all thing you do there: cooking, eating, spending time with your family. But how you can prepare delicious meals full of love if there is a wrong colour on the wall or on the furniture that makes you anxious? Organizing and decorating your kitchen, remember both about functionality and simplicity, keeping in mind the important role of colours. It is essential for this very special space at home to be harmonious and in contact with your inner energy. We advise you to go for uniform colours of walls and furniture – they don’t have to be neutral, but it’s the key they are consistent. And with this approach get the colourful details. Also, no more than one wall can be dedicated to a more crazy idea… but more on that in the following paragraph.

What colours to choose, therefore, to your kitchen? First of all, those that emanate with good vibes and energy! Minimalism is a trend, but I think it’s also everlasting, so you might want to have some simple kitchen cabinets. As for the colours, I love kitchens in pink, yellow and mint – and I would recommend those colours for you too.


If you like candy climates and have a soft spot for the 70s style, try the pink colour in the kitchen: whether more pastel shades or bright tight hues.

Experiment with furniture and with walls – you will give new life to a retro chest of drawers painting it in a pastel pink, and you will revive tattered stools with fluorescent pink and some gold paint. You may also paint one wall with strong pink.

Use a wall mural in the kitchen. The combination of powder pink with cupcakes motives will add flavor to your kitchen

The latest trend is coloured kitchen appliances – a pink cooker and the same colour fridge will make your kitchen chic!

Neon pink on walls and furniture? Yes, if matched with simple forms!


Yellow walls and accessories will wake you up every morning during breakfast. In the evenings, they will turn into extinguished, honey shades… Mix he canary yellow with white – the yellow can be just a small accent: front of a cabinet or a tiled wall above the kitchen worktop. Choose some yellow add-ons: elements of decoration, furnishings and dinning accessories.

Yellow cabinet fronts will look even more lush combined with candy wall murals!

Spacious kitchen and a yellow wall as a backdrop for a simple, but sophisticated fittings

You can play in colours: yellow & green look good together too


Mint is a sensation of this season, not only in the interior design, but also in fashion. Why not to try it in kitchen as well? Well, this slightly greenish pastel color will cool the interior, thus is suitable for every kitchen with windows to the south. There are also many kitchen accessories in this color on the market.

Mint tiles and mint furniture and walls covered with mint color tinted glass will work enormously good in kitchens.

Wooden decorative letters - The Pine Nuts / ETSY

What colours go well with the mint? – according to Passion Shake Blog

Mmmmint accessories are in vogue right now: bar chairs or decorative cutlery (from Shop Rethink / ETSY)!

Learn an Art of Storage!

As you surely know, nice colours are not enough to make your kitchen looks decent. You also need functional solutions that allow for smart storage of all kitchen equipments (including those not so charming) away from our eyes (at least for the time when they are not necessary).

Kitchen shelves are essential – put there the most needed items (and decorative items too)

If you don’t like to keep dishes out, put them in cupboards (together with color!)

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by colored boxes, packaging and multi-level bureaus. Make the kitchen your inspiration!- PIXERS / Polyvore

Colourful boxes – indispensable in smart storage!

Be creative! Use boxes, jars and baskets in an unusual way

Use the capabilities of modern furniture - hide everything, everywhere where it is possible ; )

Decorate kitchen walls and furniture

There is usually little room in the kitchen for fancy accessories, so the only place where you can REALLY go crazy is the wall. If you have small children, paint one wall with a special blackboard paint. We recommend you also decorating walls with a wall mural or poster from PIXERS.

Chalboard in kitchen is really useful and it gives the space a bit "industrial" character

A combination of kitchen appliances in mint color with fluorescent pink wall mural in the 70s style - cover the wall mural’s surface with a sheet of glass or plexiglass cut to order

With a colourful sticker you will make an old kitchen cabinet alive again!

Sticker will be also a perfect decorative element – to protect the furniture’s surface use the removable PIXERStick

A poster with juicy cherries will look promising just above the the table

… And if you’re looking for a product to the kitchen on our website, just go to section„Kitchen” in wall murals, stickers or posters.