During the last few years all D.I.Y.- related blogs have gone crazy about this decorative invention – colourful adhesive paper tape, washi tape. Often called wasabi tape by mistake, washi tape originates from Japan, so you can see how the two terms can be easily confused! But, washi tape has nothing to do with the spicy condiment that you eat with your sushi. The best way we can describe washi tape is that it feels like masking tape — very, very pretty masking tape.

Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the trees that are native to Japan — the mulberry and strangely named: mitsumata shrub and the gampi tree. It is available in various colours and patterns, which makes it a perfect tool to decorate walls, furniture and everyday-use objects. Although it is strong, it is pretty temporary, so you have to take into account that you won’t have much time to grow tired of a mug decorated with it.

Decorating walls with washi tape is the perfect idea for those who like creativity and constant change. Washi tape doesn’t stick permanently to the wall, neither affects its structure, so it is easy to remove and replace (just like our PIXERStick!).

I also use washi tape to decorate my flat’s walls. I’m simply enchanted by the bunch of possibilities it provides – especially for people, who live in rented spaces, because it allows decorating without fear to damage the perfect white walls. Of the thousands of ideas for using the coloured tape available on various blogs I’ve chosen the five easiest ways to show you. I hope you will be inspired!

You adore walls covered with posters? Use washi tape for your favorite posters and newspaper clippings!

This is probably the most trivial use of the washi tape… But, all in all, it is so very different from hanging pics and photos with a transparent or double-sided tape! And it has its unique advantage – it doesn’t leave a slightest trace of glue on the wall.

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A little bit of extravagance? Make washi-frames for your posters and photos

Posters and photos adorned with such easy-to-make frames will look just phenomenal. All you need to make your wall exceptional is a little imagination and colourful washi tape.


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WashiDots as an equivalent of wallpaper

You will make them using several interconnected strips of washi tape and cutting out circles from them. It is a simple, but still very pretty decoration. It is better to protect the tape’s stripes while cutting; to do so you can use a sheet of thin baking paper or special protective foil. To draw the cricles you can either use the washi tape’s spool itself or a special cutter (how easy is that!).

Moments To Live For

I’ve made it this way:

Use washi tape to create your own artistic abstraction

Melyssa from The Nectar Collective shows us how to make an artistic abstraction using a canvas or wooden substrate, washi tape and a paint marker.

You can also do so:

Or so:

There are so many possibilities! I’ve used some washi stripes to decorate my collage:

Washi Stripes Geometry

The last idea that I would like to show you is the one that requires a bit more creativity. With washi tape you can “draw” on the wall: applying strips of appropriate length, you will create any geometrical (and not only geometrical) shape. Emily from Everything Emily suggests decorating walls with simple black crosses, Rachel from Pencil Shavings focused on retro styling, and Shanan from The Symmetric created some striped patterns in a nursery (I’m totally digging it!).

Everything Emily

Pencil Shavings

The Symmetric

MT Casa / Annixen

This is all in terms of wall decorating. But this is not the end: below you will find a few inspiring ways of decorating other objects of everyday use. The truth is that washi tape will enhance everything!

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