Here at PIXERS we believe with our whole heart that employee happiness leads to customer satisfaction. That’s why we do everything in our power to make everyone feel comfortable with us, encourage people to develop their passions and let them perform tasks that bring them satisfaction.

In this way we’ve built a sizable portfolio of team motivators and atmosphere enhancers. We’re going to reveal all of them on our blog. We encourage you to try out our ideas and share yours!

Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you who you are

„I had a dream that, together with a kick-ass team, I’ll create a company that will be recognized worldwide. My dream is coming true. Thank you. Now I would like to help you realize your dreams.” Maciej Białek, PIXERS Christmas Meeting, 2013

Have you ever wondered , what would you do if you had additional $2000 that you could spend on anything you want? That’s the question we asked our team at the end of last year. The task was simple. We invited our fellow workers to share anonymously their dreams and then, we put them to an equally anonymous vote. In this way, we chose two people and made their dream come true. What’s interesting, the whole action has brought us a lot more benefits.


Happiness multiplies when it’s divided

Firstly, we made happy many more people than we expected. It turned out that both lucky winners wanted to use the money to make other people’s dreams come true. Thanks to that, the father of one of us will have the adventure of a lifetime on Lake Baikal and the lives of two deaf-mute brothers will become a little more enjoyable.

Announcement of results

Where did such unusual dreams come from? Just listen to the winners!

For a long time I wanted to repay my parents for the effort and problems I caused them when I was growing up. I knew that my father’s big dream is to see Lake Baikal, so the choice was simple. The old man was very touched and I think that even now he can’t believe that his prodigal son both remembered about that dream and fulfilled it so unexpectedly.

When I started to think about my dreams, I realized that I was tempted to spend the money on something pleasant. So I decided to spend it in the most enjoyable and satisfying way and help someone who was less fortunate than me.

Award ceremony

Kitesurfing in Brazil vs high performance bike

On the other hand, thanks to the anonymous entries we had a great time guessing to whom belongs each dream. Although we spend a lot of time together, that wasn’t a piece of cake. Some dreamed of equipment to create music, others of parachute courses. There even someone who wanted to buy a business version of famous Fiat 125p.

Opening the Champagne

Was it worth it? Definitely! We made happy many more people than we expected and we got to know each other a bit better. We’ll definitely repeat it again next year. And you? Are you curious about your team’s dreams?