PANTONE once again designated the colour of the year that will determine the trends. In 2014 it is one of the noble shades of purple, the magical and charming Radiant Orchid, which will be a touch of uniqueness for our homes and our wardrobes. It radiates with different shades of purple, a tempting mixture of blue and red. It’s the colour of blooming orchid flowers – emanating energy, and at the same time exotic and intriguing. Like the purple, associated with wealth, royalty and spiritual powers, Radiant Orchid is the colour that enhances creativity, inspires confidence and innovation. PANTONE colour numbered 18-3224 TPX is close to French purple, which contains more red and less blue than American or British purple. You can also associate it with royal and Tyrian purple, the hues and changing tones of an agate.

Radiant Orchid is the colour that cannot be passed unnoticed. Therefore, wearing clothes in this shade and surrounding yourself with such accessories will give you energy and motivation. Radiant Orchid is magical and so are its magical properties. How to use it at your own home? Juxtapose it with derivative colours, or bet on strong contrasts, for example, place it side by side with intense yellows and greens. The accessories in Radiant Orchid will give the room the character and elegance. And the walls painted in this colour or covered with a wall mural will convert every interior into a truly royal space!

Especially for you we have prepared a short guide to the Radiant Orchid. Inspire yourself!

And for dessert… a tidbit — ticket for the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II in 1953 were also in a purple undertone: