I beg you have already got rid of everything Christmassy and you are ready to begin New Year with fresh energy, positive attitude and clean interiors. Not without reason, one of the hottest trends for 2014 is the rule “LESS IS MORE DÉCOR”. Plain interiors with more space to breath are perfect to start with as there are lot more tendencies that you shall follow at home, at least if you consider yourself an interior design-addict.

In PIXERS we know everything not only about walls’ decoration, but also about patterns, furniture and accessories. Therefore, we have prepared for you our list of the most interesting trends we consider will be in the center of attention in 2014.

Less is More Décor

In order to contemplate the spiritual purity of your mind and soul, which means it is just prepared to absorb new ideas, it is necessary to empty the space you live in. Try to hide all the clutter in shelves and wardrobes or give away part of the things you don’t need anymore. Be sure it will be unleashing experience. After this experiment you can keep track of interior design trends.

Neutral Look + Big-Impact Accessories

Regarding the chameleon look we agree with Arianna Vargas, who claims that “instead of settling on one fixed look, people will opt for a versatile neutral base and use big-impact accents to easily change their décor”. (ariannabelle.com)

Copper Accessories

Copper enchanted into simple forms of vessels, pots, plates, lamps and other accessories will be a must-have during the year of 2014. You can look for some copper objects in vintage stores or you can go for more hype designs by Tom Dixon or Makers & Brothers.

Tom Dixon‚s Copper Lamps


Elegant Dark Walls

As Jeanine Hays from aphrochic.com says: “in 2014 we’ll be seeing rooms with a lot more drama and glamour. Dark, moody walls in black will be the perfect backdrop to the metallic accessories that we’re all loving right now”. Hence, you can either paint one wall in the room and accentuate it with some shiny accessories or put a dark wall mural on the wall.

Grey is the New White

Say goodbye to white walls and get ready for grey paint! This will be a considerable change in the field of Nordic interiors, where the whites of the Snow Queen will be replaced by the grey hues from Cinderella’s kitchen dress.

Marbled Patterns

I suppose this trend has been taken from all tumblr blogs and artistic trends in poster design, but I think it is just great it will become an official tendency in the interior design. I recommend beginning with Kristina’s Krogh and Lene’s Nørgaard graphic projects. Oh, and remember: you don’t have to be Louis XVI to have marble walls :)

Print by John Torrents

Kristina Krogh

Lene’s Nørgaard

Vintage Furniture

We all love old furniture, which is given a new life after some renovating process. Now it just has become official – having a refurbished armchair or sofa in your totally modern living room is an obligation.

Ethnical & Blossoming Prints

Together with grey and minimalistic interiors comes a bunch of colourful accessories such as ethnical and blossoming prints – for cushions, bed throws, carpets and blankets.

Decorator’s Netbook

Deep & Saturated Turquoise

Turquoise in its most saturated version will be a hot colour (next to, obviously, the Radiant Orchid) in 2014. If you do not fancy dark or gray walls, make them turquoise and enjoy the energy this colour produces in the interior.

Pineapples Accessories

Recently, the pineapple seems to be ubiquitous. Pineapple is so cool that in the language of flowers it means: “You are perfect”. Pineapples are popping up everywhere from dresses patterns to cushions and lamps to iPhone covers; this fruity trend is so prolific that we can be sure it will be still trendy during 2014.

Wallpaper: Greg Kinsella / Pineapple Table Lamp: Rockett St George

Graham and Green

Strong Accents on Walls

Last, but not least – wall murals with geometric patterns, in lurid, contrasting colours will be a hit of 2014! A great revival of wall mural will be expressed in its most fabulous form – with inspirations taken directly form the 60’s.

Wall Mural „City” by PIXERS

Wall Mural „Maze” by PIXERS 

Wall Mural „Colourful Triangles” by PIXERS