We try to take advantage of every occasion possible to integrate and get to know each other better while having fun together. It is said that fortune favors the brave. For this reason, we decided to organize the first Halloween party at Pixers. Experience the fun with us once again!

Halloween costumes at Pixers

Our office of curiosities is ghoulishly gorgeous!

The weather was traditionally on par for the event, by bringing on the frantic hurricane Grzegorz, which, along with the rain, created the atmosphere of the ultimate spine-chiller, deserving on an Oscar in its category. We, however, had to look after the decorations in the office and the aura that went along with them. We wanted it to be haunted and, we succeeded! We had jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, glowing insects, eyeballs and other more or less ghoulish gadgets, without which a truly monstrous Halloween could not have taken place.

The first Halloween at Pixers!

And in the background, we have jack-o-lanterns and portraits of others apparitions.

Apparently, clothes do not make the man, although this evening, our costumes held the leading role (of course, after good fun). Everyone approached this matter seriously and with boldness. Every subsequent person coming to the office caused an eruption of OOOs and AAAs with their diligently prepared costumes. Perhaps we were motivated by the best costume contest, or perhaps just the well to play a different, shocking role. People came dressed as witches, film and TV characters, unicorns, vampires as well as phantoms of all ranges. Everyone was dressed in costume, even our four-legged friends who join us during practically every event, wagging their tails, walking among the people, grabbing tasty snacks from every good soul (so tempted to say ghost here) that wants to share one with them.


Unicorns at Pixers!

It turns out that a Unicorn and Dracula could find something in common!

The night was long and a lot was happening. Zombie, mummy and classic style dancing and tricks that we did not leave out, despite the somber expressions and looks of horror. There was also a photo shoot, as everyone wanted to eternalize the office jamboree on their smartphones. The party was awesome! One thing is certain – this was an unforgettable Halloween event!

How did you spend this year’s Halloween? Did you attend a crazy party or relax at home accompanied by a good horror flick?