It's been four years already - it's hard to believe in, but true...

This year PIXERS celebrates the 4th anniversary. Such a round anniversary is a perfect reason to summarize the past time – full of hard work, but also abundant in moments of satisfaction when it turns out that you also love what we love to do.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ― Winston Churchill

A lot of things happened since 2009…

  • we managed to PIXERSize over one million square meters of walls,
  • we moved our office and expanded our team by 200%,
  • we introduced new materials to the PIXERS’ offer,
  • we created thousands of new inspiring ideas on how to use our products in interiors,
  • we changed the layout of our website three times,
  • we discovered thousands of our followers in the network,
  • we gathered ver a hundred thousand fans on our Facebook profile,
  • we wrote over three thousand tweets (!).

We could keep going like this for hours – the list of our accomplishments is long. The truth is along the way there were also (few) failures, but in order to grow you have to look in the designated direction and focus on the positive side of things. One of the positives is that soon we are going to launch a new shop. Its name will be TETREES and it will be a unique line of colorful modular furniture – minimalist, but allowing to creatively shape the environment where one lives or works. Certainly, you will hear about TETREES again…

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary (and by the way, our BOSS’s BIRTHDAY), we all met at a party in our favorite office. It was a bit serious and joyful at the same time. The atmosphere is best reflected on the photos by our corporate reporter, invaluable Damian C. (thanks, Damian).

Frankly, we are rarely so disciplined...

Jack knows best how to celebrate!

Arek recently has learned how to use a bottle opener - he is very proud of his new skill ;)

Joana never stops working - even after raising the glasses.


Tomasz is leading the way - and everybody knows that everything is COOL.