As a kid I always wanted to have a room decorated as my peers from American movies. Attractive pattern on the wall, cool accessories, magma lamp and cardboard likeness of Michael Jordan in 1:1 scale. Unfortunately for me it is too late. But certainly a lot of teenagers are still dreaming and wondering how to arrange their four walls in an original way. PIXERS has a few suggestions.

The Banksy’s works are great idea. Among the teenagers he is a cult figure. We offer a wallpaper with famous maid which can be connected with the image of Marylin Monroe, white furinture and black and red accessories.

For teenagers with a passion we have a great picture of a biker. The bicycle is a symbol of activity, youth, expression, common interests and a life in the group.

Another options are powerful black and white graffiti filled with punk slogans, popular Jamaican flag and colourful tags.