FIFA World Cup

Here at PIXERS, we’re fans of football, so from the very beginning of The Football World Cup in Brazil our eyes are riveted to the TV. This year’s event is full of surprises that make it even more exciting to watch and it’s a pleasant change from spending afternoons playing FIFA :> For those of you who have succumbed to football fever, we have prepared a collection of stickers inspired by The World Cup.

I love Brasil - Sticker by PIXERS

E-Commerce Awards España

We are very pleased with all the awards we receive, but those granted to us by our customers are the most important to us. In June, thanks to your votes, we qualified for the finals of the competition for the best online store in Spain. We were nominated in two categories: „Home, decor & gifts” and „Crossborder” (stores that sell mostly abroad). Unfortunately we didn’t win any awards, but the very fact of being nominated alongside such well-known shops was a great honor for us. Moreover, we received the most votes of all wall mural shops. The conclusion is simple: You think we’re the best! ¡Gracias!

Paulina represents PIXERS at E-Commerce Awards España

„Game of Thrones” Finale

Game of Thrones” is a series that enchants almost everyone in our HQ. The final episode of the fourth season kept us in suspense until the very end and to tell you the truth, we have already started the countdown for the next year’s return. If you miss GOT as well, brace yourself for waiting time with our wall mural inspired by this iconic TV series. And remember: wearing a helmet can save your life!

Game Of Thrones - wall mural by PIXERS

Annie’s Living Room

The summer started and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Annie, one of our customers has found an unconventional way to cool the house during the hottest days. Her winter-themed wall mural not only chills the interior, but also visually expands the space. Moreover, it fits perfectly with the decor of the room. If you like to follow her example, take a look at our winter-themed designs!

Winter-themed Wall Mural from PIXERS


This beautiful shade of blue is mostly associated with carefree summertime, cloudless sky and refreshing sea water. No wonder that in anticipation of the holiday season we surrendered to its charm. Turquoise is a fresh color that adds energy to any space and fosters the development of good ideas. It blends easily with other colors like white, brown gray and even orange or lime. There are almost 120 thousand of turquoise wall murals available at PIXERS!

Turquoise Décor Moodboard by PIXERS

Turquoise Wall Mural by PIXERS

Turquoise Sticker by PIXERS

New Layout

After a few months of hard work and testing, we successfully launched a refreshed website, of which we are extremely proud. We decided to focus on what you like most about us - great inspirations that motivates you to redecorate your homes and offices. From now on you’ll find them right away entering the store. Additionally, you can also search for them in our search engine.

New Layout - PIXERS

Sticky Wonder

If you like us on Facebook you surely noticed the appearance of this cute&pink deer called Sticky Wonder. Sticky expresses the spirit of our brand: he’s colorful, stylish and very original. Soon you’ll learn more about him!

Sticky Wonder Sticky Wonder Bag

„PIXERSize your interior!”

Would you like to change something in your living room or bedroom, but you lack ideas? Join „PIXERSize you interior” project that started in early June. Just send us a photo of the room that you want to redecorate and we’ll design for you a complete makeover of the space. We’ll also give you a $50 shopping voucher to spend at in order to encourage you to put our ideas into practice. The recruitment for the project is ongoing with no deadline, so you can still submit your application!

PIXERSize your interior

Blog of the month: Bright Bazaar

They say that a good movie can be summed up in one sentence. If we had to do the same with Will’s blog it would be: „The man embraced by colour„. If you’re looking for an inspiration for a colourful home decor, make sure to take a look at Bright Bazaar. Every post is a small piece of blog art and you’ll be delighted with the images. We adore Bright Bazaar!

Bright Bazaar

Post of the month: 48 Eye-Catching Wall Murals to Buy or DIY

Kate from BRIT+CO has carefully selected the best ideas for decorating walls with wall murals and hand-made decorations. We’re extremely proud because the article mentions as many as 5 of our products! Thank you Kate!

Wall Murals from PIXERS

And how was your June?