A little weird thing but still very funny! Perfect for the weekend! Here’s TOP 10 most bizarre designs that have been chosen by our customers. Wanna take a look?

Manga Lisa

Truly incredible combination of Italian and Japanese art. The real eclecticism! And by the way, we’re wondering what Leonardo da Vinci would have said about that…

Mona Lisa in Manga style - PIXERS wall mural

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Lady with an Ermine Snail

Inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci, we present you something with a touch of modernity but still very à la française. Here is Lady with a Snail.

Woman with snail - PIXERS wall mural

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Boars on Board!

Marvelous landscape. Symmetry, harmony, idyll.

Boars - PIXERS wall murals

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Zebra in the Sky

Sky is the limit? Wrong. Limit is the sky with flying zebra surrounded by balloons and butterflies.

Flying zebra - PIXERS wall mural

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The Country Side

I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome – Julius Caesar. Well, well, well…

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The Cow is the Wow!

Must have for all the summer sets. It’s the real knockout!

Cow - PIXERS wall mural

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Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed so whatever you do, do it with a wild passion!

Bathroom - PIXERS wall mural

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Unmade Bed

Romantic thing with a bit of philosophy. Do you remember the movie entitled Unmed Beds? The author is asking us: Do you always make your bed, leaving the house? Do you ever wake up in the same mattress? Do you always know where you’re going and what you want? Today we ask you the same question.

Unmade bed - PIXERS wall mural

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Garden Gnome

What was once unthinkable has become possible today. No garden absolutely does not preclude having a garden gnome! He is friendly, and what’s more, you do not need to clean it, polish and protect from adverse weather conditions. Here’s a friend for years, not just for the summer!

Garden Gnome - PIXERS wall mural

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The Caravan

Hello summer! Hello crazy adventures! Hello funny people and mad ride!

Old Caravan - PIXERS wall mural

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As you can see, absurd is everywhere and the only thing we can do is laugh, because laughter is good for health. :)